Vilage & Company, LLC

It starts with reminding our retail partners that the wholesale function does not add to the cost of doing business but provides a mechanism to build company growth & revenue.

At Vilage & Company, LLC we have represented over 4,000 agents & brokers

throughout the United States & District of Columbia.


Vilage & Company offers a variety of proven-successful 

programs and can customize new insurance and 

reinsurance programs to meet even the most specialized needs.

Take advantage of the profitability-enhancing solutions Vilage & Company can offer as an E&S wholesaler, Intermediary, Managing General Agent,
Program Underwriter or Program Administrator. 

For a retail agent, finding and utilizing the right program can devastate the competition and give you the competitive edge.

Acting as your Program Administrator, Vilage & Company 
provides the quick turnaround you need for quoting and
underwriting the broad coverage your client needs.

We also provide state-of-the-art claims reporting
capabilities coast-to-coast--all designed to help you
minimize transaction costs and maximize productivity and
customer satisfaction.

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